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White Trash

by Johnny Paglino

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Taylor 03:25
My God, I love you Taylor I think of you as a daughter But your mother's well again And I'm not legally your father And the court says you have to move back With her to Mississippi And at first it will be hard But in time you will not miss me There's a story I could tell you When you get a little older But for now let's just play around I'll let you sit up on my shoulders And I'll take you to the lake And let you swing off of the rope And I'll push you up as high as you want But then I must let you go Maybe it's for the best Evry girl needs her mother And you'll have a yard to play in And you'll finally meet your brother But when I look into your eyes Your beauty's disorienting Oh this priceless, perfect joy Was just something I was renting This was no ordinary love
Friends 04:38
Your girl had lost her mind She was really popping off She burned you with a curling iron And beat me with a rock When she fled, you cried in my arms While I called the cops Yeah I think I found my friend today Police photographed our wounds Yeah I think I found my friend today I found my way back to you Your girl had been kissing me Sometimes I'd kiss her back At first, thought it was love But it wasn't that I told you everything Somehow, you had my back Yeah I think I found my friend today All you wanted was the truth Yeah I think I found my friend today I found my way back to you I stopped seeing your girl Now I see a therapist She asks cheat at all Why was it worth the risk I still don't know But it is hard to regret it Because I think I found my friend today There's shit we'll need to work through Yeah I think I found my friend today I found my way back to you Yeah I think I found my friend today And I hope you found your's too Yeah I think I found my friend today I found my way back to you
Good Life 04:04
I can't believe you're living the good life You say you love god like a trophy wife We danced in the mansion you bought outright I can't believe you're living the good life You got in litecoin at just the right time And made your millions literally overnight You're just some dude who vapes and likes hentai I can't believe you're living the good life They told me life would probably be hard So I played it safe like some fucking retard There's no problem you can't charge to one of your credit cards You want breakfast by the sea so you called your chauffeur Said fuck it, we'll just leave these escorts who slept over One was lying on your jeans so you just rolled her over I can't believe how good are these oysters You were gone for pretty long, but then I found you in the bathroom You were mid-panic attack from the designer drugs you consumed You've got everything you need, but what you want is going to kill you I can't believe how cliche you are dude
Rosaline 03:07
Rosaline, my first cousin The object of my obsession It's hard to tell, it's hard to know But blood is hot, my blood is yours Rosaline, you're wrong clearly These party songs aren't real country But I can't help but smile as you're drinking Bud As we're mudding in my jacked up truck Rosaline, it's ok to cry We might hurt everyone in our lives But you should be trusted As far as you can be thrown Though you're thin as shit From all that glass you smoke Rosaline, your Grand Am won't start Though the engine's cranked and the battery's charged I just can't seem to fix this, oh This love should come with a manual This love is unmanageable This love, this love Rosaline We've been here before The way I fixed it last time It would not work anymore
Applebees 03:40
I thought dreams would be more resilient She stacked mine up and ripped them in half Went to do hers but she had none left I swear You're like a meal that I'm gonna regret A tramp stamp on the inside of my head Would have stayed silent if my rights had been read Out there How'd you stay cool? I thought you'd feel more ashamed So now I'm at the Applebees Eating open-mouthed The waiter just dropped my plate I wouldn't mind if I died now So now I'm at the Applebees Crying my eyes out My buddy says, "Hey, you better get your shit straightened out" Restless, we took the game out the drawer Wasn't a table so we played on the floor You win a couple times, you start to get bored So I left My boy tells me you've got a new man I tried to call you but I couldn't connect The signal's shit here in la la land I guess You were so cool Like you'd never been less amazed So now I'm at the Applebees Nodding the fuck out The waiter wants me to pay I wouldn't mind if I died now So now I'm at the Applebees And I've got a problem This filet was a mistake It tastes just like rock bottom The liquor store is right behind my house It's so expensive to go and drink out I'd rather get plastered on my couch I confess But now I'm gagging when I wake up in bed Every morning wet with tears and dry with heaving Some love isn't even worth the bargain I guess
Q 02:44
My girl won't stop watching Youtube She thinks Parkland was staged She says Q-Anon's on to something I don't want to give up But this shit makes me sad And I love your mom but You should go live with your dad I'll figure it out Unless I can't I don't want to give up again It's fucked up that I've got to tell you but Her dad's a fraction of a man I think once he got in her pants I don't want to give up But this shit makes me sick And I love your mom but I don't think I'm equipped I'll figure it out But I probably can't I don't want to give up again I used to know fuck all About monocrops and mercury It wasn't always this way Cannot eradicate this love With herd immunity It wasn't always this way I found her gazing at some chemtrails She tells me the Earth is hollow and flat I don't know even where to start at
I always liked Bret Was a good neighbor too And I thought about his kid when I finally heard the news That he shot himself last week All he was wearing was his shoes Why was he just wearing his shoes? And that kid from college too Always the smartest guy in the room But all that genius couldn't stop His girl breaking his heart He said without her he'd lose it And when she left He stress ate a thousand pills to prove it And like yeah, Roxeanne Her brother actually went mad And took the shotgun to his dad And when the cops came He was shooting at them from the street They call it suicide by police But you're right, I guess Killing yourself is selfish But I'll tell you this That shit takes bravery There were nights I'd have done the same thing But I didn't have the balls to do it I told you about The time I put Clorox in my mouth I was feeling kind of bad But now I'm doing fine The only times I want to die Are when you come back in my life I mean sometimes love is great But, it's like I miss you every day It's like real, actual pain It's not cute in any way It's a fucking problem You're just a fucking problem
Forgive You 03:46
The last time I saw you You got high and spent the night And when I woke up, you had stolen My wallet and my bike So when I read your Tumblr rant Calling me a liar I just laughed when I first saw it I mean I thought it was satire So no, the thing is I can't hate you But I can't forgive I just can't forgive you Yeah I played with your girl But that was years ago When you got sent off To get sober on some coast in Mexico Look, I can't even remember One good talk that we had All that I remember is The weight of her tit in my hand I hope that you get right I think about you all the time I hope you change your mind I think about you all the time You know that I am sorry I should have been a better friend Yeah, I know you got fucked up after your car accident Thought I was being good Bleaching out your syringe God, the things that I know now I really should have known then I hope that you get right I think about you all the time I hope you change your mind I think about you all the time I hope you change your mind
Coming Home 03:29
We're playing Super Smash The only brother that I have But I'm trying my best to kill him It's nice coming home If just for the drugs alone My family still asks why I left them Dad got me to go sailing I brought Jamie, who's drinking again And I still kiss her But I don't know why I guess it's simple and it just feels nice I didn't make grandmother cry I must have done something right But I'm sure as shit not sure what that is Sh laughs at me when I say I don't eat meat "But honey., that's why God made the animals" I don't tell her that I'd be able To drink Jesus under the table Like how momma can tell that I'm high on some shit But keeps quiet because I've mostly quit Before I left Pop tells me he knows Millions of illegals are voting and living on his taxes When I start saying, "I don't know where to begin" He snaps, "Of course you'd just argue Against the side I've taken" I don't think that's true, But it might be Would we be family if we even agreed And if I find out, I'll be sure to come back home I still might just for the drugs alone
Johnny 04:09
It's been 8 years since Johnny's passed They found him with a syringe up his ass When mom told me, it made me sick I told myself not to think about it I still had to use drugs for the moment That's when I was still trying to get famous I used to shoot up with him at his house Sold all his furniture except his couch His baby was crying on the floor His girl said she couldn't take it anymore But she was too high to make it to the door I'd never seen him laugh that way before He loved Kid Rock and Ed Hardy Really, what did your death even mean I guess you were family Well, technically you were not family Well, I guess you're family to me Did you think I'd follow you Did you think I was that weak Did you think I'd follow you Did you think that low of me Did you think I'd follow you Did you even think of me Did you think at all man What the fuck put you to sleep
Navy 04:01
I'm leaving Jane I'm joining the Navy You know this life is no good It's ok to hate me My papers are in It's not worth debating I mean of course I love you But I can't keep on waiting I'm leaving Jane What could you want from me now You won't leave your husband Or your big fancy house The rate I'm at I'm gonna be a bitter alcoholic I want to have a calling I want to go to college I'm leaving Jane The day after tomorrow I sold my car and paid back momma From all the years I borrowed Why are you choking up On such an easy pill to swallow I'm sure there are other worthless shits To cheat with in Colorado I'm leaving Jane Oh God, I'm finally leaving We could have had a pretty life But there's no reason to grief it You could have had me many times While I was still a civilian There's no two ways about it There's more like a million I'm leaving Jane Please don't make some grand gesture I don't need a long goodbye Spare me the lecture I think I could be more in life Than just some broke ass bartender They say it's not just a job It's also an adventure I'm leaving Jane I'm joining the Navy I've never even seen the ocean I think it's gonna save me Now I've got a good chance To become a good man But that means leaving you Just hope you'll understand


All proceeds will be donated to the Citizens' Climate Lobby.


released August 23, 2019

production: evan bradford
everything else: johnny paglino


all rights reserved



Johnny Paglino Park City, Utah

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